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OCEAN  Developer Tool

Play with available parameters.

Validate parameters and check element placement.

Refine and share code with others.
Open Accurate definition of frameworks with all parameters and the right placement for each element.
Accurate and fast Fast access to framework elements documentation. Elements with all variations preview. Code editing with live elements preview. User components library. Easy to use and not overloaded with clean interface.
Support Bootstrap 3.3.7, Bootstrap 4.1, Foundation 6.4.3, Semantic 2.2.1, Less, Sass. Export: static, Node+React. Check for details.
OCEAN Cloud Internet access required. Works best with Chrome/Safari. FREE
OCEAN App Mac OS application. Internet access required. FREE
OCEAN App+ Mac OS application.  Download FREE BETAPlans
OCEAN Inspector Code development tool. FREE
OCEAN Cloud OCEAN App for Mac OS
Install Example 1. Paste Inspector code to the end of BODY tag. You can use Grunt to do this automatically.
2. Click on Inspector icon
3. Click on page elements
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Parameters: ...js?<lib>&open - set framework to <lib> and open Inspector window on start;
examples: ...js?open - open inspector, ...js?bootstrap-4-1 - set library to Bootstrap 4.1 on start (default bootstrap-3-3-7)
Frontend Ocean helps you to validate, refine and share frontend code.

My goal was to provide an open platform for frontend developers with the support for all available frameworks - with all frameworks elements and properties:
- accurate frameworks description
- validation of code
- testing of different possible parameters
- refining and sharing code

OCEAN INSPECTOR - development tool you can embed into the development process
OCEAN - online refining and sharing tool
OCEAN APP - Mac Os/Windows version of Ocean with local files support

Help me to improve Frontend Ocean...
- Tomasz John
12/11/2018 Ocean Cloud 1.04 available
12/12/2018 Ocean App+ 1.04 available
12/11/2018 Ocean Cloud 1.03 available
12/10/2018 Ocean App+ 1.03
12/03/2018 Ocean App 1.02 with local projects support
11/20/2018 New frameworks def. ready (1.2)
11/20/2018 Ocean App 1.0 available
11/17/2018 Ocean 1.0 available
10/15/2018 Website update
06/28/2018 Website update
03/25/2018 New version available
Final version with SSL / 11.18
Ocean App+ - Mac OS, Windows versions / 11.18
New export options: React, Node / 12.18
I started working with frontend in 2000 for my first own commercial project - probably the first sales car platform. Because I’ve finished IT studies, all issues were something I needed to do myself - frontend as well as based on C language and cgi backend.
In the following years I dealt with frontend for many projects - as contract services and for my own projects. All the time I felt imperfections of html language, some very subjective choices that were made by the creator of frameworks, css styles. I really appreciate good design, but Mariusz, which i got to know during the work, was an unapproachable model. The second element was the same transparency and vision of the interface components, what they actually are and how they can be combined. In 2014, I had an opportunity to work on the Brix editor for designers, where I could incorporate some solutions of independent components - related html code, style and functional part in js, which was a continuation of my e-con system project. After completing the project, I created the Cdl language and associated with it, Frontend Validator. Thanks to Cdl, it’s possible to describe components and entire frameworks.

Ocean is my latest project that combines my previous experiences. I created it as a native application for Mac and Windows, and cloud services intended to be a platform for validation, code improvement and code sharing between programmers.

I used Ocean to create: Node, Meteor, js, html, css.
Thank you for your help: Mariusz - the creator of design for the landing page

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